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Diverse Families

Sofi was born under the name of Raúl. By the time she turned five she asked her mother not to dressed her as a boy, her parents support her decision and she goes undercover to school as a girl, because her parents think mexican society is not ready to accept her.

Alejandra is a spoiled little girl with two dads. She lives in Monterrey, one of the most conservatives states of Mexico. On her last school they forbid one of her parents to be present at school to preserve school’s ideology.

Oyuki is a trans woman that adopted his 4 nephews after they were abandoned by her biological mother. This family is constituted by
Oyuki, her mother, one of her two sisters,
Oyuki´s boyfriend and the kids.

House of Apocalipstick consider themselves as family in the LGBTTTQ subculture. They seek for a safe space, free of discrimination in Mexico. 

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